Thursday, September 22, 2022

Why should you use professional filmmakers?

Are you now convinced videos could help promote your business, but unsure where to start? 

Find out why professional filmmakers are probably your best option.

Everyone is on social networks these days...

Also true for businesses! Companies found there a simple and cheap way to federate users around their products and services.

In less than 15 years, our society has gone fully digital, and video has become a must for online communication. Please read our article "5 reasons why video is important for your business" to fully understand why.

This is however a double-edged sword. Getting noticed in a long stream of posts and ads has indeed become a challenge. To stand out, a company should have a unique voice, publish quality content like clockwork, and maintain that quality over time. 

A daunting task! But the good news is audiovisual professionals will definitely help you overcome that challenge.

Video is a real job!

Everybody has a nephew who flies drones, or a brother-in-law who is a movie buff and owns a camera. But no more than your mum, wife or husband (all excellent cooks, granted) could provide professional catering services, amateur videographers will NOT be able to consistently keep the level of quality your company needs. 

The truth is, video production is time consuming and highly technical. It requires in-depth knowledge of visual grammar, proficiency with filming and editing tools, and proven audiovisual communication skills. When you hire a professional filmmaker, you get all this, and much more. More than the time spent shooting and editing your video, you are buying  his long years of learning and experimenting. And that is priceless.

Professional video equipment

When you call on professionals: you gain access to the right tools. Specialized lenses, multi-axis stabilizers, professional drones, studio lights, chroma key screen: fancy and expensive toys that will help you reach your target, and present your company in the best possible light. 

Typically, corporate production companies also have contracts with  music or stock footage suppliers, so you can also benefit  from a wide range of quality and professional artistic content…. without breaking any copyright law. 

Last, but certainly not least: audio. Audio is what separates amateur from professional work. Smartphones nowadays can shoot beautifully, but they are not equipped to handle gusts of wind, or noisy environments. As soon as you need contributors speaking, you will absolutely need professional microphones, recorders… and the guys and gals best qualified to use it.

Time is money

Yes this is cliche, but so true!

Producing content, shooting videos, editing it, etc... It all takes a long time if one  lacks experience with it. Wasting time is unpleasant, more so if the results are not up to your expectations.

On the other hand, video professionals can guide you during the preparation of your audiovisual communication, including script writing. Companies like Clip my Biz can actually  shoot and edit the same day, so you can post almost immediately on your social media. This is particularly valuable for “Highlights” videos (a Team Building event for example), as people are less and less inclined to wait, but not only: internet users are used to a fast and constant flow, so companies need to be as reactive as possible. 

When you call on professionals, you delegate technical considerations to focus on your strength: your knowledge of your market and customers. Unleashing your own expertise and combining it to what video experts can bring to the party is probably the combination that will best tell your company's story, and simultaneously please Internet users.

Audiovisual professionals are on the lookout for the latest trends and  the formats that work best on social media. They will help you become a trend leader, not a follower. 

And finally

As you can see, unless you have tons of filming experience, the right equipment and plenty of time on your hands, it makes more sense to use video professionals. This will ensure you get the best possible result while keeping your budget in check. Please check our rates and clip styles for real-life priced examples of what we can do for you. 

So, are you ready to shoot your first professional corporate video?

Love and Videos, 

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