Friday, March 17, 2023

5 reasons why online videos are great for your business

Have you noticed ? 

Videos are now top rated on social media.

Check out the top 5 reasons why YOU should also use it for your online communication.

Reason #1

Consumers do prefer videos


Did you know that videos are now the preferred internet content?

More and more consumers form their online purchasing decisions on video product presentations. A majority of millennials, to name a specific category, even prefer online videos over TV commercials to pick the products they want to buy. 

By enabling visitors to watch a product from every possible angle, a video clip gives it more authenticity, more “flesh” than mere photography. A better-informed, reassured consumer is more likely to spend his hard-earned cash..

Simultaneously, displaying a video clip on your homepage helps with your website’s natural referencing: it is 53% more likely to appear as a first page in Google search engine. A top result will drive more traffic to your website… and boost your sales.

Reason #2

Video is taking social by storm

Back in 2019, videos accounted for 61% of the global Internet traffic (Source: The Global Internet Phenomena Report). Today, the form 82% of the online flow. This is huge. 

Youtube streams over a billion hours of daily content. On Twitter, 2 billion videos are viewed per day! 8 billion a day on Facebook!

Each single network has invested massively towards that video boom: Instagram launched Instagram Video soon after Facebook launched Facebook Watch. As far as Tik Tok is concerned, it has become an Internet giant in only 6 years.

Reason #3

Videos are naturally more engaging


It's a fact: video generates more interactions than any other content. You are more likely to get likes, comments and shares with a video than photo, graphic or text.

A study conducted by Buffer & BuzzSumo on more than 700 million Facebook posts revealed that, on average, a video will receive 59% more interactions than any other publications.

On Linkedin, the quintessential corporate network, videos are 20 times more shared!

Reason #4

Videos broaden your communication


With video, forms and styles are endless! There are many different topics that can help you tell a story, share a powerful message, convey an emotion, and ultimately bond with your preferred audience…

Different styles such as quizzes, podcasts or even “Bird’s Eye View” will make each of your videos unique and will help you unfold your company narrative in a different manner. This will also enable you to stand out from the competition and project your brand in a way that truly reflects your corporate identity.

Reason #5

Video messages are easily remembered


Our brain is so lazy! It is in fact programmed to choose the least stressful, least complex task. And this is exactly why most people (but not you, apparently!) would rather watch a video than read a document. It is also easier for us to retain information that comes from a video.

A study conducted in 2021 by two professors from the University of Liberec in the Czech Republic demonstrated that viewers retained 95% of a message when they watched it in a video against 10% when they read it in a text.


To top it all, our capacity to focus over a long period has dramatically reduced over the last years. They say that a goldfish’s attention span is 5 seconds, well this is 2 seconds longer than the average Internet user!

So, are you now convinced online video communication is the way to go?

If yes, please contact us and let’s get that ball rolling! 

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