Photos for all your online needs

There are many reasons why you should also consider booking a photo shoot with us. Here are some of them…

Catch the eye
with every post

A set of professional pictures will go a long way, allowing you to illustrate your daily posts in the best possible manner. Having your own pictures made Vs using stock photos mean you can show exactly what you want, and let users familiarize better with your products, site or staff. 

Excellent value for money

A half-day shoot, priced at  R 7 300, can produce 30 good shots. That’s a month’s worth of daily posts!

It empowers you to post more often, and boost brand awareness in a very cost-effective way.

Multiply the power of your clips

You can release one video clip on a selected theme, and keep on communicating with a series of photo posts.

This is the perfect bundle that will help you change your communication angles as often as needed, and develop your narrative.

Adds to your video clips and snackable content

Photos are great material to feed your snackable content or video clips.

We can also use them for title cards based-videos, such as Top 5, or mix photos and videos within the same clip. The possibilities are endless. 


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