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8 essential videos for your communication

Blog article written by Jay, from Clip my Biz

This is me trying to turn our client's wishes into a video!
There is nothing quite like movement and powerful visuals to catch the eye!
You've probably already heard that video is the next big innovation in communication and it is perfectly true: research has proven that users have a better online shopping experience when they watch videos.
There are many types of videos, but I recommend a targeted visual communication, in tune with the message you are trying to convey.
So what are the merits of an interview, testimonial videos, an event video or a behind-the-scenes video? Let me share a few insights!

#1 Company presentation video

Your presentation video should have a strong sense of who you are and why people should care. You'll want to include:

- The name of your company, along with any other branding or logos that represent your brand.
- A brief description of what you do, who you serve, and how/why it's important.
- Your mission statement, which should be short but impactful enough to let people know what values drive the organization forward (or backward).
- Your vision statement: a longer-term goal for where the company is heading in the future. This might include new products or services offered by you or others within your industry space; expanded locations; plans for growth; etcetera!

The key to a great video is to be clear, concise and easily understood. Don't get lost in details, get straight to the point!This can be done through the use of narration or by creating an infographic that shows what you do in a fun and engaging way.

This is our take on it: our very own « 1 min pitch! » clip style:

#2 Event Video

Also called « highlights video", or "aftermovie", an event video is a very effective means of communication to document and promote an event.

You can also use video to share the event with people who may not have been able to attend the event in-person.

The video can be made using a drone and show spectacular images that will make everyone want to participate in its next edition!

In short, highlight videos are the best way to increase the marketing and communication impact generated by the event you are organizing.

This is an Highlights Video we shot for the French South African Chamber of Commerce in Cape Town:

#3 Product presentation video

This particular video aims at presening your product or service, and explain how it works. This clip can be produced in several formats:

- a teaser, which makes you want to see more and know the final outcome;

- a video presentation of the product, with clear explanations of the technical specifications;

- a user video that shows how to customize your product according to your needs (example: the waterproof camera for smartphones);

- a testimonial video, presented by a customer who has already bought into your product.

You can also create tutorials so that users can understand how to use your product or service properly.

#4 Web series

A web series is a series of short videos that are released over time, usually in episodes.

It is a great way to build a relationship with your audience, and can be used in many ways:

to tell a story, educate your audience on topics they care about, and to promote products or services.

Here is one of the episodes of a web series of interviews we shot for a french-speaking travel agency in South Africa:

#5 Tutorial videos

There are many ways to build a video, but here is a very effective one: the tutorial video.

A great video tutorial:

-Answers the "how-to" question as quickly as possible

-Is thorough

-Provides direction to the viewer on what to do next

Tutorial videos can be about anything, so long as they transfer knowledge. Or demonstrate a process. Or explain a concept.

In other words —leave viewers with something valuable!

#6 Testimonial video

A video testimonial is one of the best ways to get your customers talking about your business.

It is an excellent way to show the benefits of your product or service.

When it comes to making a purchase, people want to know what others think about the product or service before they make their own decision. 

This will encourage other potential clients to make an investment in your business because they can see how much it helped others.

#7 Making-of video

Everyone loves to peek behind the curtain, and see what's going on behind the scenes!

Also called "Behind the scenes", the making-of video captures the interest of the internet user with an exciting promise: revealing what is ordinarily hidden from the general public.

By posting a making-of video, you prove that there are no skeletons in your company’s closet, and that the work is not limited to the moment when your product is sold on the market. You can reveal the the creative process and the passion that drives your team.

#8 The interview video

Perhaps the most obvious way to get information from people is through an interview.

An interview is a form of communication where a person asks questions of another person in order to get information about them, their background, and so on. This can be done formally or informally.

Informal interviews are often used by journalists when they speak with people for articles or news stories. The answers they get from these interviews help provide context for their writing projects.

But because of the « raw » nature, interviews are also a great way to unfold your company narrative. And it doesn’t have to be boring!

Quiz interviews, for example, can transform a fastidious exercise into a game, and help the audience to build an empathy with the interviewee.

My 2 cents worth...

Video can explain, motivate, convince. It can allow you to synthesize your offer, and make your business more attractive and impactful. It's all about finding the best way to get your messages across. The 8 styles and categories of videos mentioned above are only a small part of the range of possibilities!
Clip my Biz offers many other possibilities, and lots of affordable ideas to make your life easier. Feel free to browse our landing page, where our complete gallery of styles and video categories is displayed!
Love and videos,
Jay from Clip my Biz


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